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The multichannel automation solution for e-commerce

Inventory, price, and order management for the smartest sellers on earth.

Inventory Monitoring

Automated Repricing

Order Management

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Seamlessly connect your business data to all the marketplaces you sell on.

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What We Offer

Smart, reliable e-commerce tools and automations.

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We monitor available stock for each of your items and adjust your listings on all marketplaces accordingly so you never sell out-of-stock again.

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We automatically adjust all of your marketplace listings as your cost prices change. Set your own price calculations so you never sell for a loss again.

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We seamlessly pull order information such as tracking numbers, order IDs, and cost into the platform - automatically confirming shipments for you. 

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We help you set routing rules, to optimize fulfillment by location, cost, warehouse, weight, and more. Our return solutions make the process quick and easy.

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Built for Sellers,
by Sellers

Our team has over 15 years of e-commerce experience. We know first-hand that keeping track of a multichannel business can cause huge headaches. We built Trigmatic to integrate with more vendors, list more products, and manage more orders with better reporting and accuracy. All in less time and with fewer headaches.

Shipping and Returns

Employee Monitoring

Revenue Analysis

Integrations & Marketplaces

Easily sync your business data to all of the marketplaces you are selling on.


What Our Clients Say

"I no longer have to deal with the endless frustration of out of stock products or missed sales opportunities. No more selling items for a loss. As a result, I saw a 60% increase in my monthly sales."

Juan Alcala,
430 listings

"Automation removes all the stress when it comes to fulfilling orders! The fact that it confirms orders for me saves countless hours. It wasn’t hard to set up when I first invested in it."

Jesen Preche, 1571 listings

"I'm so happy with the efficiency that Trigmatic brings to my business. I've tried the competition and this is by far the best way to power my multichannel e-commerce sales"

Allan Gonzalez,
661 listings

Limited-time introductory plan

Enjoy unlimited usage to all of our available integrations and automations. As an introductory plan subscriber, you'll lock in your price for an entire year and get immediate access to any new features, marketplaces, or integrations that we introduce over that period.

  • Best Value


    Every month
    For advanced sellers who need detailed analysis.
    • Up to 5000 listings and 10 marketplaces
    • Sync via pre-built integrations, CSV, API, or FTP
    • Advanced lister tool
    • 24/7 price and inventory monitoring
    • Order management and auto ordering
    • Advanced notifications and reporting

Get Ready to Maximize Your Profit With Our Multichannel Solutions

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